Life Mentor Lori

Join me for workshops and retreats that will inspire and
encourage you on your journey through life.

Pictures from my workshops:
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You have taken the first step by being here.
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Making progress
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Learning to listen
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Ideas coming to life      
6 / 10
What an AMAZING Retreat
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Journaling a few thoughts
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Another AMAZING workshop

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"I highly recommend this litte getaway. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Take some time for YOU. Invest in yourself!" ~Patricia

"This is an amazing opportunity . You can't pour from an empty cup" ~Tiffany

"Great ladies conference! Highly recommended" ~Carrie

"This was a wonderful experience. We as women think we need to be the know all / be all but rarely take the time to focus on ourselves. This workshop gave me the opportunity to just be me & gave me tools to further help me try to be the best me I can be. I will never be perfect but I am always evolving" ~Kim