Life Mentor Lori

Life Mentor Lori


"I have a huge problem with always putting people before me and always saying "YES." I'm the person everyone can count on to do the things no one else really wants to do. I always thought that was a great trait to have until I started having panic and anxiety attacks. Lori taught me the tools I need to help say "no" and overcome my attacks. Although I have a long road ahead of me, Lori will be with me every step of the way." ~Becca

Ever feel like you need to talk to somebody, but you're afraid?

  • You think you're too busy?
  • You think you live too far away?
  • You are too shy or embarrassed?
  • You feel too messed up?
  • Sounds like MOBILE MENTORING might be the right fit for you!

    Face to face mentoring sessions are always ideal, but not always a realistic option. So, I created creative and secure MOBILE MENTORING virtual sessions using your computer or smart phone. We can talk and I can help you via FaceTime, Zoom, text chats, and even telephone conversations.

    Email me a message today and let's connect the best way that works for YOU!


    You can send me a message and your questions here:

    Your privacy is important to me. Your information will not be stored on the web and cannot be stolen. I will never share your information without permission from you.